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  1. Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey

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Through archival photos, newsreel footage, and interviews with family, friends, colleagues, and historians, presents the life of the legendary African American scholar-turned-statesman. He also made important contributions to the decolonization of the world and human rights in America. Narrated by Sidney Poitier.

Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey

Based on the biography by Sir Brian Urquhart. A Story, A Story.

African-American Heroes Of Sport. Oh, right. She finds a laptop containing evidence of financial ties to a shady U.

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The screenwriters name names whenever possible Bill Clinton, Blackwater, bin Laden, Occupy Wall Street, Twitter , and the military, legal, and political jargon is dense for a network series. Even more unfortunate is the way that Odelle and her odd-couple traveling companion, a barely adolescent soldier named Aslam Omar Ghazoui , take the viewer on a horror-movie tour of Mali that might as well be the Republic of Islamophobia.

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Are the producers trying to make another Traffic or Babel , or a modern version of a silent-movie-era cliffhanger about a virtuous white woman imperiled by sinister ay-rabs? During desert scenes, American Odyssey feels like the latter posing as the former. Benchegra, a Moroccan casting director, who found Omar Ghazaoui, a year-old schoolboy with no acting experience, in Erfoud, a small Moroccan town.

Benchegra sensed that the youngster could play Aslam, a West African boy from a village in Mali who befriends and abets Sgt. Odelle Ballard Anna Friel , an American soldier on the run in enemy territory.

And Aslam, especially, a boy raised under the most traditional rural customs and restrictions, is an unusual hero for television: He is an obedient son with a mind of his own. When the story begins, Odelle, who speaks Arabic, is the translator for a Special Forces team sent to Mali to track and kill a top terrorist commander.