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But my cranky nature leads me to believe otherwise.

The Keystone, Timbers, and Vengeance Tour - Part 4

I'll leave it to you to ultimately decide. You see the event on television every year and now you're here. This is your chance to be one of the hundreds of thousands of revelers packed tightly together in the frigid cold to watch the ball drop. Don't do it! Find a nice warm restaurant or bar to celebrate in. Or better yet, have room service deliver a delicious meal and some bubbly for you and your loved one, and don't go out at all.

Despite the happy faces that you see on television, the whole thing is a miserable experience and not worth the forced elation of blowing on a noisemaker at midnight with half a million others. You won't find too many New Yorkers here. Oh yes, they're here, probably to stay—and with probably more to come.

When you begin to feel the pangs of hunger, ask yourself: Did I come to New York to eat exactly what I can eat in every city or town in this country? Or did I come here to experience what makes New York so unique? And that includes the amazing variety of unchained restaurants, from the coffee shops and diners where real New Yorkers eat to the bargain-priced ethnic cuisine and higher-end dining experiences.

Bypass the old standards and try something homey, glamorous, or new.

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You won't regret it. When you see a crowd gathered around a cardboard box with one man flipping cards, madly enticing innocent rubes into his game while another guy scans the crowd for undercover cops, keep on walking. Don't stop and listen to the dealer's spiel or think you can be the one to beat him at his game. Even if you're quite sure which of the facedown cards is the Red Queen, don't put your money down. It won't be the one you pick.

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Oh, someone who works with the dealer will play and win to make you think you've got a chance. But you don't. Buy a lottery ticket instead. People do win that. And please note, New Yorkers wait on line, not in line. Sometimes New Yorkers can be masochistic—and silly. They hear about a restaurant that serves a great breakfast, and they begin lining up on weekend mornings to eat. Sometimes they wait for over an hour, standing outside, winter or summer, to order pancakes, omelets, or whatever else the breakfast menu offers.

They do this even though many coffee shops and diners are serving patrons the same foods at much less cost and without more than a minute's wait.

Inter(Re)view – Lazer/Wulf: The Beast of Left and Right

Now what would you do? He or she was aware of the marketing possibilities connected with the concept: Serve a glorified breakfast starting at around 10 or 11 a. Make it a social thing, something for people to "do. But it's not for me. On top of everything else, restaurants that serve brunch usually make you wait on line for it. And you know how I feel about lines. By the time the parade kicks off, they—along with a few off-duty policemen—are sloshed.

And even before the parade ends, the fights begin and the vomit flows as freely as the beer did earlier. The pubs are packed, and the already-high price of drinks gets even higher. If you truly yearn for a bit of the Irish on this day, for your own good, stay home and watch The Quiet Man or listen to the Irish Tenors sing "Danny Boy.

These guys have been going out of business since the Stone Age. That's the bait and switch; pretty soon you've spent too much money for not enough stereos or cameras or MP3 players. If you want a world of aggravation, rent a car , tolerate the traffic, maneuver amongst the yellow cabs, and try to find a parking place. And when you do, make sure the parking place is a legal one read the fine print on the street signs.

KMG XXL 'The Beast' Set-Up Timelapse

Or put the car in a garage and watch your vacation budget fritter away. If you must drive your car to get here, consider staying in a hotel that offers free or discounted parking. With subways, buses, and your feet, New York has the best and fastest public transportation. A car is a luxury you want no part of. Pity those poor beasts of burden. They get dragged out in the heat though not extreme heat and cold though not extreme cold with a buggy attached to them just to give the passenger the feel of an old world, romantic buggy ride through Central Park. But the horses look so forlorn, as if it's the last thing they want to do.

If you want a slow, leisurely ride through Central Park, minus the ripe and frequent smell of horse poop, consider an alternative called Manhattan Rickshaw Company Its decline pretty much has coincided with the decline of Little Italy , a neighborhood that's a small shell of what it once was. Now, The Feast is just an overblown and overcrowded street fair with bad food, cheap red wine, and games of chance you have no chance of winning. Most of the original Little Italy residents have left, but the ones who are still there make sure to clear out during the Feast and let the Bridge and Tunnel expats take over.

But, I added "scam taxi rides at airports" that I'm surprised is not in the list above. Personally, I like the San Gennaro fair and the St. Pat's Day Parade. I'd remove one of those from the list and replace it with the taxi scams. I'd also suggest that people avoid sending their resume to any job opening at LotusPath, Inc. The benefits are pretty good Free meditation classes , but the pay is awful! Plus, those mandatory lectures by "the boss" Again, thanks for the list. But note for tourists: brunch in New York is a social and fun event and I don't think you should avoid it!

Empire state building , highly overated, you get hered in like cattle by some of the rudest people I,ve met working in a tourist job. I swear Other things just may appeal to tourists who have never been here before.

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  6. I realize it is easy to become a 'jaded NYer' who takes these things for granted. Overall, I thought that The Flipside had it all.


    Jurassic Park elements and even a reference to the movie , a futuristic setting, a "far in the past" setting, strong characters, time travel, and oh yeah, dinos. I requested a copy of this book from the narrator - it has not affected my review in any way.

    It's hard to put into words the feelings I have about this book. It's kind of a mess. The characters are rather flat, there are several roughly-interchangeable personalities involved and at least one character whose 'personality' is just saying the word 'dude' a lot. The dinos are the worst I've ever seen in the genre, full stop. So yeah, all animals are mindless human-hating death machines, or friendly dogs. Other kinds are briefly mentioned, but they play no part in the story.

    More on the SCREAMING APPLE label...

    The odd thing is that while all of the wild dinosaurs are mindless, automated killing machines, actual automated killing machines still play a part in the story. One particular nationality, I should mention, are pretty much labeled as 'the worst thing ever' and play the part of the mustache-twirling supervillains in the story, who use exclusively automated weapons.