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Abstract The idea of democracy is a curious oneand puzzling.

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Various politicians, regimes, whether in Africa, Europe or America claim to be democratic;yet what each says and does is usuallydifferent. Democracy also has evolved through social struggles. This article examines the practice of democracy withinthe context of local government in South Africa, and is an attempt to explore the concept of democracy without escaping other historical aspects of the idea and practice.

Democracy in Theory and Practice

From a methodological standpoint, this article is based on a literature assessment. Lastly and most importantly, this paper has made a scholarly contribution to the scholarship of Political Science and Public Administration with regard to the nexus between democracy and public participation at local government level in South Africa.

Introduction to Democracy and its broad variations

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Subscribe to our newsletter Get specific, domain-collection newsletters detailing the latest CPD courses, scholarly research and call-for-papers in your field. The central question then is how to connect micro-deliberations in mini-publics to the political decision-making processes of the larger society. This book surveys these new deliberative mechanisms, asking how they work and what we can properly expect of them. Much though they have to offer, they cannot deliver all that deliberative democrats hope.

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  7. Talk, this book concludes, is good as discovery procedure but not as a decision procedure. Micro-deliberative mechanisms should supplement, not supplant, representative democracy.

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    This book shows how to adapt our thinking about those familiar institutions to take full advantage of deliberative inputs. That involves rethinking who should get a say, how we hold people accountable, how we sequence deliberative moments and what the roles of parties and legislatures can be in that. Keywords: deliberative democracy , mini-publics , representative democracy , political parties , political accountability.

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