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According to Maria: "Hitler told my brother-in-law, that anonymous letters had been mailed to the party office saying that Hitler was having a relationship with a girl who was underage. He just found a sixteen-year-old girl in Berchtesgaden who obviously will be his next victim. Lothar Machtan has argued in The Hidden Hitler that the reason Hitler broke off his relationship with Maria was because he was being blackmailed by Emil Maurice. It later transpired that their author was a certain Ida Arnold, a girlfriend of Maurice, who had invited Mimi to coffee and skillfully pumped her for information.


Feeling cornered, Hitler requested Maria Reiter to make a sworn deposition to the effect that she had had 'no relationship of any kind' with him. Although this amounted to flagrant perjury, it must have seemed Hitler's only possible recourse in the summer of He was clearly under extreme pressure, because nothing could have presented a greater threat to him, as party leader, than revelations about his private life - and who knew more about that subject than Emil Maurice?

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After she recovered she married a local hotelkeeper. The marriage was not a success, however, and in Reiter left her husband. Maria Reiter later claimed that she was visited by Rudolf Hess who suggested that Hitler was still interested in her. According to her own account, she travelled to Munich to see Hitler: "I let everything happen.

Visitors to this hotel were also interested in...

I had never been so happy as I was that night". Hitler suggested that she remain in Munich as his lover, but Reiter wanted marriage. Some historians have questioned the truth of this account. They point out that in Hitler was romantically attached to Geli Raubal , the daughter of his half-sister, Angela Raubal.

However, Ronald Hayman , believed her story: "The account she later gave of their liaison is more reliable than most of the stories told by women who claimed him as their lover They probably became lovers when she visited him in Munich. He spoke of renting a flat and living with her, but nothing came of these plans, and by July , when she was in Berchtesgaden again, he was no longer living in the hotel.

What she had in common with Geli was that she was too young and inoffensive for him to feel threatened. If she laughed it would mean that she was either embarrassed or having a good time. Kubisch was killed in during the Battle of Dunkirk. Maria Reiter, who told her story to the German periodical Stern in , died in Hitler, by now thirty-seven, introduced himself to her when their paths crossed while walking their dogs. Hitler told her that she reminded him of his own mother, especially her eyes, and suggested they visit her mother's grave On one occasion, Hitler shocked her when, in a show of harsh dominance, he beat his dog with his whip after it had attacked her dog: "It was necessary," he said, when she protested.

On several of their excursions, he put his arms round her, and once took her to a remote forest glade, stood her up against a tree, kissed her passionately, calling her his "wood-nymph", and declared his wish to marry her - but not at the moment. He had no time to think of such things - he had his duty, his mission. Soon afterwards he was off to Munich. She wrote him fond letters and sent him embroidered cushions; he sent her a leather-bound copy of Mein Kampf for Christmas.

My dear, good child, I was truly happy to receive this sign of your tender friendship to me It was after midnight now, and brutality was succeeded by tenderness. They return to Mimi's sister's apartment. I could feel his breath. Tenderly, he touched my shoulders, his mouth changed, his voice sounded sad. She forces herself to say no, that they shouldn't see each other again. Hitler takes the rejection badly. But he had not given up. He sends a confidant around to Mimi's store the next morning.

The surrogate tells Mimi, "I have never seen him like that. Herr Hitler poured his heart out to me. Believe me: The man is on fire.

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Mimi agrees to another meeting. Hitler arrives in the store "radiant with joy. With his chauffeur, Emil Maurice, up front at the wheel, Hitler sits very close to Mimi in the back. Next he does his mesmerist act: "He puts his right arm around me and tenderly placed his hand on my temple, pulled my head toward his shoulder and wanted to close my eyes with his fingers. He said I should dream. Next date: the graveyard. Hitler takes Mimi to her mother's grave. Hitler is overcome, thinking of his own mother, "moved by something he did not want to tell me.

What he said sounded very grave, in utmost distress: "I am not ready yet. Hitler, holding on to his riding whip, comforts a sobbing Mimi and strangely chooses that moment to tell her. One wants to read in portents of abnormality here, a Hitler so mesmerized by his memory of his mother, he is incapable of a normal sexual relationship. But again, this is contradicted by Mimi's account, which becomes suddenly less courtly and more explicitly sexual.

Though he found it easy during his twenties and early thirties to make friends with children and with women in their forties and fifties, he was nervous of being rebuffed or humiliated by women of his own age. With Geli the age-gap was almost exactly the same. Maria Reiter had attended a convent school and now worked in a dress shop opposite the hotel. Heroes of the Horrors.

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Mitzi Lighting

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