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The Last Summer Plot Summary
  1. Bloody Disgusting!
  2. Netflix's 'The Last Summer' hasn't even heard of a real teenager
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  4. The Cast Of Netflix's "The Last Summer" Met For The First Time A Year After The Movie Was Filmed

The heart of The Last Summer is Griffin and Phoebe's storyline and it comes closest to having the heart of the teen romances of yesteryear.

Bloody Disgusting!

There's an actual arc to their relationship, with hurdles, setbacks, and adorable montages. When their inevitable big fight comes up, the movie pushes you to take a side in their moral dilemma, but their storyline is surrounded by so much other questionable plotting that it's difficult to stay engaged with their drama. Their resolution is enjoyable, but it wasn't enough to justify the rest of the movie.

This is the second teen rom-com from Netflix that has missed the mark when it comes to telling compelling teen stories.

Netflix's 'The Last Summer' hasn't even heard of a real teenager

It's ironic because Netflix has hit it out of the park when it comes to several of their teen-centric TV shows, from Sex Education to On My Block and the gone-too-soon Everything Sucks! And the streaming giant understands successful rom-coms.

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The aforementioned Set It Up is a solid 21st century take on the genre. While last month's Someone Great had some logistical errors when it came to the reality of music journalism careers, it was still an emotional and heartwarming story of growing up, moving on, and female friendships. There seems to be something about trying to capture today's teenagers on films that misses the mark.

It's not that the current generation is obsessed with Instagram and social media, because I'd counter anyone who says that with the fact that today's teens are some of the most socially and politically engaged group of young people we've seen in generations. They have things to say and stories to tell, but that isn't being reflected in films that show them as shallow and idealistic to the point of absurdity. When To All the Boys premiered last summer, it seemed to set the bar for the modern teen rom-com, but Netflix's subsequent efforts to tell current romantic high school stories, including The Last Summer, have made that film feel less like a standard and more like an anomaly.

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Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Created with Sketch. The movie trailer looks like a fun dream set in a pleasant summer afternoon with all the ingredients for the perfect rom-com: great-looking leads, skate park hangouts, beach bonfires, stirring on-screen chemistry, confused young adult drama and above everything else, a deadline!


The trailer emphasizes the finality of the teenagers' last summer together before they go their separate ways. It keeps reminding us: "One last chance to go all in," "to decide who we wanna be, and who we wanna be with.

The trailer features 'Riverdale's KJ Apa, back to his brunette self. It teases sparks flying between Maia Mitchell and Apa, and Halston Sage saying goodbye to a smitten Jacob Latimore for Posey's Chicago Cubs player with luscious, long hair and an infectious wink.


The Cast Of Netflix's "The Last Summer" Met For The First Time A Year After The Movie Was Filmed

It's largely the flick's multi-arc format that makes it pan out like an unfulfilled summer bucket list more than anything, though. Some of the best, most cohesive moments are found in the budding relationship between Maia Mitchell's Phoebe who carries the weight of the film on her back and K.

The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...

Apa's Griffin who, for the record, does not always need to hold an acoustic guitar whenever he's on screen in any series or film based on their chemistry and genuine preciousness of their potentially fleeting time together. If you can get past the out-of-touch dialogue there's multiple sequences in which they list famous alumni from the universities they're about to attend -- relatable! Sure, there may not be much coming of age taking place -- the cast seems too world-weary already -- but there's a lot of dreamy shots of lakeside campfires, neon-tinged roller rinks, and bike rides that will have you yearning to tell your crush from first period how much they mean to you before you set off for school somewhere on the other side of the country.

These warm moments, which also read like a love letter to Chicago, are sufficient if you're looking for something without an elaborate plot to play in the background as you convince your summer fling to stick around, at least until Labor Day. Sadie Bell is the entertainment editorial assistant at Thrillist.