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I was online this week participating in one of my cross stitch Facebook groups, and several people were asking how to anchor their thread.

Prayers and Squares — The Area Parish of the St. Lawrence

I mentioned that I use the loop method to start, and a pin stitch to finish. After a discussion about the loop method to start and a pin stitch to end, I looked these techniques up. I quickly learned how to do them, and between the loop method and the pin stitch, they save me so much time. This is so great, with a neck injury it can be really difficult to have to keep flipping over a big sewing frame.

So, as these techniques really helped me, I wanted to share what I learned. I am an artist, veteran, analyst, and mommy to the sweetest dog ever. I am constantly thinking of ways to use my creativity in everything I touch despite my physical limitations, and I love encouraging others to do the same. Metallic thread can really add a lot of pizzazz and sparkle to a project and Read More.

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Try as I might, I just could not get comfortable stitching the past week or One of the best things about being a stitcher is getting to experiment with so Sometimes it can be confusing when shopping for cross stitch needles, to know which brands One of the prettiest embroidery stitches is the chain stitch.

There are a lot of Hi Sue! I am so excited to learn the pin stitch finish! The back of my project is looking better than ever. I like to stitch on dishtowels and baby bibs that take multiple trips through the washing machine. How secure is a pin stitch finish? Can it survive multiple trips through the washer for years to come without unraveling? Hi Jayne! Try a mini sample on a scrap piece of fabric and put it through your next load of laundry, see how the pin stitch survives. So I know that most cross stitch projects use two threads, but how would you do it if it only uses one thread?

I have a project on a 25 count that uses individual threads instead of two at a time. Hi Shelby! You have a few options. You can use a small knot, or weave the ends under nearby stitches a few times to anchor your floss. Hi Shelby, I learned a trick recently when using the pin stitch for only a single thread: Split the thread! As you place the needle back through the hole from which the thread emerges, make sure that the tip of the needle goes THROUGH that single thread. Do this each time you pull the needle through the fabric for the pin stitch, and it will be secure.

I would like info on how to finish the backs of cross stitched cards. Thank you Yvonne. Hi Yvonne! Thank you! I have used the loop method for years, but had never heard of the pin stitch. Great site! I do use the loop method and will be trying the pin stitch today! Makes everything looks really nice with no tails everywhere. I just saw this video this morning. It looks like it saves so much time.

Thank you for a great tutorial. Blessings, Donna. Haha yes, the loop method and pin stitch are genius, they do save so much time. I never use a frame or hoop. I use a dowel rod taped to the lower edge and roll up as I go. It makes for much faster stitching. The really impressive thing about the stitcher who described that method is that he does those massive HAED projects, completely in-hand.

He posted that he has never used a frame, hoop or stand of any kind. He just has one hand above and one hand below and goes like the wind. I was definitely on her side and I was so proud that she had stood up for herself. Captain Daniel Sundberg, the commander of Allegiance, takes pity on Julianna, who is a stowaway on his ship. This is of course illegal, but after learning her story he immediately feels as sorry for her as I did. Daniel was such a wonderful character and he was not at all what you would expect a sea captain to be.

He was a noble man who appreciated his crew, instead of mistreating them. He offered a place to stay and warm, clean clothes for Julianna.

I was so delighted by her instant interest in him, and was sad to learn that he was engaged to be married. He was just not what I expected him to be at all, but I think that is a good thing. This was a wonderful book that takes readers on a journey from England to America, and invites you to witness the adventure that is made to get there. This was my first book by Andrea Boeshaar, and I was very pleased with everything about it.

Her pacing is done well and she has a knack for really making her readers care for the characters they are reading about! Jan 22, Victor Gentile rated it it was amazing. From the back cover: Can Julianna and Daniel start a new life in a new country?

Welcome to Lynette Anderson's Little Quilt Store

I enjoy stories that bring about seemingly chance encounters when they are really divine orchestrations of God. In an effort to escape the unwanted advances of her young master she runs and hides in an empty crate on the docks, which, of course, is now thought full, nailed shut and loaded on a ship bound for America. She is discovered, again, of course, but due to time constraints Captain Sundberg cannot stop somewhere and let her off so she has to voyage to America where she knows no one.

Now it is a question of what will Julianna do in America and will the romance between her and Daniel actually work? I like the way Ms. Boeshaar writes.

She is an accomplished author who knows how to deliver true to life dialog and create characters that you fall in love with. The love story between Julianna and Daniel is a lot of fun and this book is filled with plenty of action to keep you turning the pages. This is an excellent read! I recommend it. If you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to www.

To listen to 24 hours non-stop, commercial free Christian music please visit our internet radio station www. Nov 05, Maureen Timerman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another great book by Andrea Boeshaar.

Threads of Spirit

This is the second book in this series and just as good as the first. I've read both, and you don't need to read the first to enjoy this one, but treat yourself and do! This story starts in and in England. We have a young girl not twenty yet running for her life. Julianna ends up on a ship! She hid in a crate to get away from one of her attackers, and the crate is sealed with her in it. This is a story of finding ones values. It seems that Ca Another great book by Andrea Boeshaar.

It seems that Captain Daniel Sundberg, has chosen wealth over family. The author brings to life the street people of England, can't even imagine! Julianna goes from there to having someone dress her! What a change and can just picture her even having to put up with it. Can see how she would love the new dresses, compared to what she previously had.

She had fled with one dress on her back, her maid's outfit. There are sparks of romance, but Daniel has chosen to have more wealth and marry a Countess! He brings Julianna to his parents Can't you just picture that? She has never really even been to the Country. We learn a great deal about Daniel's chosen family compared to his own family. Only one person can heal it all Once you start reading this delightful book, you will not be able to put it down. I received this book through Charisma House Book Reviews, and was not required to give a positive review. Jun 17, Tammy G.

Having read book one, Threads of Hope, I was anxious to read this book, book two. I was enthralled with the cover of this book and the title Threads of Faith brings to mind many pieces of string that are woven together to make a beautiful fabric.