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C-17 Globemaster III
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Download Us Air Force Fact File C 5 Galaxy English Edition PDF, ePub, Mobi Book"

I wanted to spread the workload evenly among my people. It was also important to improve our efficiency by decreasing the time it took to clear air cargo destined for the warfighter, so I assigned individuals specific responsibilities. Previously, shipments had been handled by whoever was available at the moment, with multiple tech[nician]s sometimes touching the same shipment. This process frequently created confusion and duplication of effort. The reorganization created three distinct teams, the combatant command focused team CCFT , the customer support team CST , and the transportation analysis team TAT , that work together to accomplish the mission, each with a separate area of focus.

This team has been subdivided by geographic regions, including Iraq and Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Europe. What cargo is eligible for air transport?

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FACTS automatically discriminates among these offerings. Some shipments, such as most class IX items, clear for air transportation immediately. Other shipments, although offered in anticipation of using air assets for movement, receive a surface designation from FACTS; these shipments are diverted to surface ports of embarkation for onward movement to their final destinations.

An asset of FACTS is the flexibility of its system logic: The movement of items automatically cleared for air transport or diverted to surface transportation can be changed in response to current theater conditions and operating tempos through a construct known as movement authorization management rules. Shippers of consignments that are not automatically routed for air or surface movement typically enter a challenge file in FACTS.

Other conditions that might necessitate a review include cargo that exceeds a designated weight or volume limit set by DA or items with specific national stock numbers. In the past, items like canned air, copy paper, and bubble wrap have made their way into the challenge file. AACA technicians serve in an advisory capacity, asking the customer to confirm his desire to ship by air while providing possible alternatives, like splitting the shipment between air and surface assets. The theater POC has 72 hours to respond before the shipment diverts automatically; however, AACA technicians typically resolve the challenge much faster.

AACA personnel strive very hard to ensure prudent use of Army transportation funds while improving pipeline velocity to the warfighter by helping customers conserve valuable aircraft space for truly high-priority requisitions.

Largest Plane In The U.S. Air Force ā€¢ The C-5 Galaxy

AACA technicians assist with rerouting items of a more routine nature, such as cleaning and office supplies. Over the years, these efforts have paid off. Despite the large savings, relatively few shipments actually require AACA involvement. In the last 10 years, slightly over 9 percent of offered shipments have found their way into the challenge file.

Of these, approximately 60 percent eventually received a divert-to-surface status.

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This diversion to surface transport represents over , tons of cargo that might have tied up valuable air transport; that is the equivalent of over 1, fully loaded Cā€”17 missions. A SAAM requires an aircraft dedicated to a specific mission and delivery date. This is in contrast to normal-channel cargo, which is handled on a first-in, first-out basis and can be bumped by higher-priority requirements.

Cargo traveling to remote locations not served by channel airlift or traveling between scheduled channel flights could typically benefit from a SAAM. Such errors can unnecessarily delay cargo. The team also works on track-and-trace requests, helping shippers and customers learn when, where, and how something shipped or even if it shipped at all.

US Air Force starts using first certified 3D printed aircraft parts

Although infrequent, customer advisories act as important periodic bulletins that inform shippers of new or changed policies and procedures as well as particular events or conditions that require special attention. The goal, as always, is the continued efficient and effective operation of the transportation system.

Cargo arriving at an APOE unplanned, unannounced, or without the necessary and correct documentation becomes frustrated. Typically, greensheets are used only in sporadic instances, such as when a surge of shipments creates a backlog at one of the APOEs.

A greensheet action can originate with the warfighter or with the shipper. When an item is expedited in this manner, its movement takes precedence over other Army shipments only; shipments sponsored by the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force are not affected. The decoy - the one not carrying Mr Trump - will likely fly over the island and land elsewhere, quite possibly at the US Air Force base in Japan.

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Bush visited in , and again in For security reasons, the use of decoy flights - sometimes two or more - is not unheard of when the US President travels, The Straits Times understands. It is also a common misconception that Air Force One is the name of an actual aircraft, when in fact, it is a radio call sign for any US Air Force plane carrying the President.

In , for example, when President George W.

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Planning for a presidential flight is a covert operation, with decisions such as where to land and which flight path to take sometimes made at the last moment. In some situations, the landing site is finalised only about an hour, or even less, before the plane touches down. It is believed that when President Obama flew to Singapore in , the original plan was for him to land at Changi Airport. But this was changed about 45 minutes before landing, and the aircraft went to Paya Lebar instead.

Before Air Force One can get here, the plane, which does not have the range to fly from Washington to Singapore non-stop, will have to break its journey to refuel, although this can technically be done mid-air. Graff said that while the blue-and-white Boeing is the most visible symbol of presidential travel, "there is much more that unfolds behind the scenes". The air fleet includes a few special presidential aircraft, known as CCs. These are believed to be Gulfstream jets - similar to the one that carried President Bush to Iraq in - that can cover long distances.

But for years, they have gone nearly everywhere the President travels, paralleling presidential trips, serving as his chameleons, blending in anonymously at airports close by presidential visits - but never at the same airport where Air Force One itself is landing," the article added.