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The Templars and their symbols, says Hans Pusch, spring from ancient sources, from which flowed esoteric Christianity, at the time when Bernard de Clairvaux inflamed the souls of the 12 th century for the second crusade to the holy land. This current is spiritually real, as long as it remains cognizant of the cosmic nature of Christ. Capesius begins to escape from life, feeling resentful toward the limitations of his earthly body and existence.

The Luciferic temptation causes chaos in his life.

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One would say that he becomes mentally ill. With the help of Benedictus , Maria , and Felicia, who evoke a right comprehension of his bodily existence, he finally returns to normal consciousness.

Mystery Drama | Word Renewal

Felicia helps him with her fairy tales, and Benedictus, through meditative spirit truth. He had become dependent on her inspiration for his art. Now, Maria has seen the need to help Capesius , whom she had opposed in medieval times. This is a conscious sense of karmic retribution. Maria: Sun Temple, Scene 13 excerpt.

Working Together on Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas

The powers of destiny have granted me. Thus does the father now confront me,. Reminding me of my ancient debt to him. He speaks distinctly in a cosmic language.

The Easter Festival in the Evolution of the Mysteries By Rudolf Steiner

What I have set between the son and father. Now reappears, though now in another form,. Within this life, which bound again. And in the pain I had to undergo. In severing Johannes from myself. I can see destiny at work in my own deeds. If now my soul is loyal to the light. Which spirit powers bestow on it,. It will be strengthened by the services.

Which I may render to Capesius. Upon his arduous life pilgrimage.

Bestselling Series

Let us look at the words that Maria has just spoken:. You spoke to me with words of flattery. Remembrance of this time bestows on me. The strength to make a stand against you. Ahriman withdraws with a reluctant gesture. Let us return now to the plight of Capesius who will hear the following words of Maria in the Sun Temple, about the right and wrong approaches to Lucifer and about the significance of the Christ being:.

Man has need. A man may turn to Lucifer. And warmly feel inspired by his bright glory;.

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He may in that way well experience himself. But he should not take Lucifer into his will. A man, however, when he rightly understands. This is the goal of love for earthly souls,. Through the case of Capesius , Rudolf Steiner lets us recognise the state of mind that appears in Luciferic temptations, as it can reflect into many levels of life existence on earth and in the spirit world. We may discern and beware of this, if it occurs in our life experience. From a certain point of view, the three earlier plays can be seen as a kind of preparation for Maria and Johannes to experience the Cosmic Midnight hour.

It rises upwards now in clearest vision. Maria: partial quote. We shall be directing this new campaign mainly to America but I should think will also inform people in NZ and Australia. It is also a way to see a little of our performances if you missed out on the tour. I started documenting some highlights and lowlights but there were too many of them. I wish I could write about the performances in Stroud and Shannon two of my favourites or the conversations around Botton Camphill or our amazing experiences in Germany.

No, I must say something about Germany! My good friend Lara was amazing and stayed with us through the six performances, three of which were specifically to young student audiences, driving us around and seeing to many of our needs. What a way that would have been to end this life — but of course I got the energy to go further and actually still feeling unwell gave the personal best performance of the entire tour! When the higher self comes in - this is one way to explain what actors experience in performance - then the small feelings of our personal life cease to have any effect on us and something else holds us from above!

One more thing about Germany: we have met two people who may mount a German production in the German language. I had reached out to one of these people earlier but it was only when we were actually there that something shifted and he became genuinely interested. And whatever effect the play had on Germany, I feel we had to go there for what happened to us in giving these words — in English — in the place where the original events happened a hundred years earlier. When Ryan came on as Emil Molt in Uhlandshoehe, he was doing this right there at the place where Molt and Steiner founded that first school that has been the start of so many good things in the world.

Many of you know, too, that I link this play not only with the Threefold Social Organism but also with the new mystery drama, The Working of the Spirit , where the TSO is spoken of in the third scene and becomes a major theme. Some of you know there have been difficulties keeping things moving in that project.

I had written the new play as a way of keeping this work alive and felt that doing it, taking these themes into the will, would bring a change. Those of you who have bought an advance ticket need not despair — there are people working very hard to make productions of The Working of the Spirit a reality. Also Martin Large from Stroud — the main speaker at the NZ conference last week — wants to publish my text and I think we are close to that happening.

It has been a rocky road but as long as things are moving forward, who can complain! So we all go on with our various rocky roads. Performances are not just for the 70 or so who are there that night — they reach out much further than that and connect with other events. There is positive change happening in the world as well as the great dangers and negative tendencies. May all our most heart-felt prayers and wishes flow together for the good of humanity in these crisis-laden times!

PS By now, I should have sent out all the copies of the book, Towards the Writing and Performing of a New Mystery Drama , to those whose donation entitled them to a copy. I think a couple could have been missed out, so if this is you please let me know. Or if anyone would like a copy irrespective of Kickstarter Rewards, then let me know and Kathy will send it. Update 6. Jul 26, Here are some comments from our first eighteen performances, May to July, , New Zealand and Australia.

It was the clearest and most accessible public presentation of the three-fold nature of society I have seen. William Riggins nutritionist, author and troubadour. Even if we have studied his work for many years, the play is a unique opportunity to travel with him on that most important and fulfilling journey from the head to the heart. Doing so would help us to answer our children's questions regarding the founder of their school.

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So that struck me this morning - watching the students seeing someone portraying him. You crossed quite a threshold portraying Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt. I watched them watching you with great appreciation and a new feeling for what is behind their school. They connected with this deeply. Every pupil at a Steiner School should see this. As a society we have to learn to take risks and take those bold steps in order to improve the world. You got the idea of the problems in the world spot on — and what we can do about them.

I loved the way Steiner was portrayed — with real passion for what he was doing; surely it is only in such a way that we can change the world! He exhorts them to step into a place of connectedness to what wants to come to fruition in our times, and to act out of this.